your crew

introducing Richard, Simon and Evie; your fabulous and experienced crew!

Richard Megret – Captain of the Savoir Vivre

Richard Megret - Captain, expert barge pilot, comedian, engineer, host, hero. Richard's professional skills, personable style, incredible wit and inimitable charm make him a popular character on the canals of France. We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like the guy - in fact we can’t think of anyone who doesn't respect the heck out of him.

Richard has a career spanning over 20 years. Before becoming Captain of the Savoir Vivre, he held a variety of different roles aboard the Horizon II, Princess, Nenuphar, Adrienne, Fleur de Lys and Hirondelle II. With his extensive experience, he really knows what works to ensure that everything about the Savoir Vivre cruise experience is perfectly balanced to produce idyllic and memorable barge cruise experiences. 'Laughter' features heavily in our guest book!

Simon Aplin – Savoir Vivre's expert guide

Simon and his wife, Laura, have been exploring French life and culture for, more or less, their entire careers. Between them, they have delivered world class tours for us for over 10 years! This year, Simon will be our principle guide. He has the sort of energy, quick wit, knowledge of history and a deep love for France that earns his reputation. In addition, Simon previously worked in Puligny Montrachet, so he has extensive knowledge and connections within the Burgundy wine industry.

Between them, Simon and Laura are frequently referred to as 'the best in the business’. Luckily for us, the Savoir Vivre's cruise program, location and operations are a perfect fit for them. To quote Simon: "I have been guiding on and off here for 25 years. For me there is nothing better than knowing that the passengers have enjoyed visiting the area and listened to a tale or two that has a human interest element to it. I’m excited to look after Savoir Vivre’s guests this year!"

Evie – Savoir Vivre's charming hostess

Evie was born and raised in Burgundy and is the daughter of our expert guides Simon and Laura. She grew up in the Ouche Valley and knows the ins and outs of its villages and people. She has previously worked on board barges in both France, on the Fleur de Lys, and in England, on the Magna Carta.

During her gap year, she took up the opportunity to live and work in Montalcino, a beautiful wine village nestled in the countryside of Tuscany, where she developed her interest in the local wines, cheeses and people.

"I grew up watching my Mum and Dad cruise by on board the Savoir Vivre from my village bridge, now it's my turn to show you the best my region has to offer."

James Waggott

The founder of Savoir Vivre, James, developed his vision of a unique, chic, casual and authentic French barge cruising experience over several years, while cruising these same waterways. The essence of James' 'Savoir Vivre Way' is to pluck the finest elements of Ultra-Deluxe barge cruising (such as whole boat charter exclusivity), to do away with superfluous elements, and to incorporate authentic local culture (such as local restaurant dining). To do all this and still offer industry leading value for guests.

"The Savoir Vivre has earned herself an enviable reputation in this fabulous industry. The guest book quotes you see dotted around this site are our most treasured possessions - I'm very proud of what we've all created."

in the words of Ellen Sack, leading broker of European canal barge vacations..

"This barge is EVERY BIT as beautiful as pictured. What is impossible to anticipate is the breezy and casual elegance of the public spaces and how well-designed the cabins and bathrooms are. For instance, there is plenty of storage space and the right lighting! This kind of attention to detail permeates the whole program."